TOO LATE – Douchebags The Base 15L -49%

Douchebags The Base 15L RED

Being a smart backpack for the everyday journeys, the Base 15L carries any equipment for your urban adventures.
Be it a laptop or iPad – in the Base 15L daypack you can store your equipment quickly and securely, and access it just as fast. Even during longer trips, this bag is still a great accessory, as it can be fastened onto larger travel bags.

Price: from € 65.90 instead of € 129.50 (-49%)

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  • Rib cage: Inspired by how the human rib cage protects the body’s most valuable organs, the patented Rib Cage construction protects the gear inside the bag. The Rib Cage construction is composed of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, providing protection as well as support.
  • Easy Access: The innovative side opening of the Base allows the whole side of the bag to open in one single motion, providing easy access to all its contents. Reach for lifesaving gear like laptop or running shoes in the fraction of a second – in true base jumper style.
  • Hook up system: The patented Hook-Up system allows weight to be lifted off human shoulders and placed over wheels in stead. The Base 15L can easily be hooked up to all of our roller bags.